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About Norrsken

The Tire Cologne 2018

Inspired by cold polar nights and beauty of northern lights, NORRSKEN represents everything you could expect from a perfect retreated winter tyre.

For the first time it was presented at The Tire Cologne 2018 exhibition in Germany, with it's brand new winter tyre Ice Razor.

NORRSKEN tyre brand is developed by Latakko, one of the leading automotive industry companies in Baltics, with 24 years of experience.

Reliable Russian tyre information portal wrote about Norrsken: logo

With its aggressive V-type directional tread pattern, Ice Razzor is designed to drive with confidence on any icy and snowy surfaces. Wide center rib and stable shoulder blocks with zigzag lateral grooves provides grip and ultimate traction performance on ice and snow.  Designed for all passenger, SUV and commerc transport types.


Studded and non-studded modifications are available.

Available sizes:



185 / 65 R15
195 / 65 R15
205 / 55 R16
205 / 60 R16
215 / 55 R16
215 / 60 R16
215 / 55 R17
225 / 45 R17
225 / 50 R17
225 / 55 R17
235 / 45 R17
225 / 65 R17
235 / 65 R17
225 / 50 R18


  • Only premium carcasses are used in production
  • Wide shoulder blocks and center rib offers enhanced steering response
  • Directional tread patter provides a good grip on wet roads
  • Robust sidewall design gives extra traction on snowy and icy roads
  • Manufactured in accordance with all the ECE standards, which stipulates that retreaded tyres are tested to the same criteria as new ones
  • Certified by German inspection and product certification service TÜV NORD
  • Environmentally friendly - reusing 80% of a used tyre

Quality control

Not every tyre is designed to be retreaded. This is why only premium branded carcasses are used in production of NORRSKEN Ice Razor. Retread process includes inner and outer tyre inspection by non-destructive methods. No tire can be older than 5 years or even slightly damaged. Then all the workpieces are tested by laser on a buffing machine for any punches, waves or undulations. Only after such strict and accurate control the retreading process can be started.


Every Norrsken tyre is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The manufacturer covers defects like deformation of the casing or production scrap, but not the damages provoked by improper use of tyres. Tyres worn beyond the wear indicators can not be cowered under this limited warranty.

Ice Razor studding process

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